Albert Fuchs, M.D.
Dr. Fuchs and I began our relationship with me performing web maintenance. After a little over a year of our contract his WordPress blog was updated automatically, overwriting the CMS stylesheet and changing the website’s entire look and feel, which once perfectly matched the aesthetic of the rest of his website. Being that his website was at this point 10 years old, we agreed that it was probably time for a facelift.

I also travelled to his office to do some photographs of his person, as well as the walls of his office, which are adorned with his many degrees and accomplishments. My responsibilities included a custom WordPress design, development of a child theme, custom CSS, mobile responsiveness, and of course photography. The website came together in about two months.

I am available for web design and photography on multiple types of projects. Contact me using the button below for more information and pricing.


Beverly Hills, CA

Health/Medical, Web Design
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