FIN Restaurant
Upon first moving in to the Mar Vista neighborhood, I was looking for a Japanese-fusion restaurant and it didn’t take long to stumble upon and befriend the folks at FIN on Washington Blvd. Wanting to expand my photography experience into more “behind the scenes” still life, I offered to come in for an evening and take pictures of the menu items before they went out for consumption. This expanded into a second session in which I photographed the restaurant’s exterior with an extra long exposure, and the help of some speeding cars and a fire truck.

These photographs are available to you as prints in sizes 4×6″, 5×7″ and up to 8×12″. Click the button below to e-mail me for more information.

I am also available for food, cocktail, product, exterior and interior photo sessions with bars, restaurants, and businesses; in fact it is one of my specialties. Contact me for more information and pricing.


Culver City, CA

food & cocktail, interiors & exteriors