St. Louis, MO
After my brother moved to St. Louis where his wife grew up, I decided to fly out and explore the city with him.

We took the tour at Anheuser-Busch and saw the clydesdales; we visited the Arch (which was under construction); visited city hall; and got lost in a very scary, seedy part of town across the bridge over the Mississippi River.

When I visited the second time it was for my brother’s birthday, and we were warmly welcomed into the home of The Basement Arcade. My brother ended up in the hospital the following day, so we decided to lay low for the remainder of the trip. While he was in school one night, my sister-in-law and friend took me to Lambert Park and I took some photographs there. This particular trip was truly about quality time with my family and little else, though I do take my camera and lenses everywhere I go.

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